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  • 磷脂1000K 噸桶

    大豆磷脂又名磷脂,是大豆油脫膠時經過真空干燥、調質、脫水、濃縮等生產工藝提煉而成的純天然產品。是一類具有重要生理功能的類脂化合物營養強化添加劑,也是一類具有乳化、分散、潤濕、增溶、起泡、脫模、抗氧化等功能的天然食品添加劑,還是一種環保型生物表面活性劑。進一步加工制得脫色磷脂、改性磷脂、粉末磷脂各種精細磷脂產品,廣泛應用于食品行業,飼料行業,化工行業和醫藥行業。Lecithin is extracted from soybean oil by new technique and process. It is a natural, nutrition and safety food emulsifier. It is one of high quality material for health food and pharmaceuticals. Lecithin is a surface active agent with unique properties and an essential ingredient of many processed food products. Our standard lecithin is available in fluid or plastic consistency and unbleached, bleached and modification grades. Our powder lecithin is oil-free and ideal for numerous food and non-food applications.
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    Characteristic: Lecithin has good functional properties in food processing technology and nutrition, and has synergistic effect for the processing and nutritive properties of food, so it is widely used in food industry and other fields.


    Usage: Add the liquid Lecithin to the mixture of water and oil, mix evenly(45-55℃), and then stir with other ingredients together, in accordance with the requirements of production process.

    建議用量: 根據我國《食品添加劑使用衛生標準》(GB 2760-2011)規定,可按生產需要適量用于各類食品。

    Suggest dose: An enterprise may add proper amount in production according to actual demand.

    保質期: 18個月。

    Quality Guarantee Period: 18 months

    執行標準:中華人民共和國國家標準 《食品添加劑磷脂》(GB 28401-2012)

    Executive Standard: National Standard of the People’s Republic of China Food Additives - Phospholipid GB 28401-2012


    Storage Method: Be stored in closed, dark and damp-proof package, and put in cool and dry place.


    Package Form:

    Net Weight 20kg,Plastic Drum(PP)
    2、凈重200 KG /開口鐵桶

    Net Weight 200kg,Open Iron Drum
    3、凈重200 KG /閉口鐵桶

    Net Weight 200kg,Closed Iron Drum
    4、凈重1000 KG / IBC噸桶

    Net Weight 1000kg,IBC TANK
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